Happy New Years to every single one of you! 2015 was a weird year - to be honest I feel like I spent a lot of it running around in circles unsure what to do! I had a couple of surgeries and things come between me and my planned travels and also an unexpected desire to move interstate in the middle of chaos. Now I'm sitting in my new Melbourne apartment and feeling like 2016 is a true new beginning - I'm so excited for what's to come! In the spirit of truly getting my shit together I'm going to post up some flashbacks in the next few months so I can get all my great editorials up on this blog but there will be plenty of new stuff in between as well :)

I hope this year holds beautiful things for every single one of you & you stick to your new goals and make yourself proud (as challenging as that can be!) xoxo

I shot this set with Cam Mackie back in the beginning of 2015 but never got around to sharing the set - makeup by  Samantha Lee & Stying by Camilleri