I'm sitting on a comfy crisp white bed that I regret not shooting on before millions of peices of ash slowly collected and marked the White doona from the numerous joints smoked cosied up from the cold. The heater is broken and doesn't turn off, it's a perfect temperature between that and the 2 Windows opening up onto the private balcony. In the mornings you hear squirrels scuttle along the collecting whatever little peices of food have been left behind from the night befores shenanigans. The Airbnb I am staying in is situated perfectly in Shoreditch, London with tesco right across the road and the tube only about 4 blocks up the road. Iv begun to adjust to the cold now, although I'm sure my few months in Melbourne last year I can thank for that. 


I left Australia back in December and my life has been such a happy little spontaneous mess I haven't kept myself organised at all, reached any goals or even posted a single thing on the blog. Oh well, little bit of a late start on the new year, new me I guess. Fuck it...


After cutting my trip short and coming back to Australia last July I ended up staying a long time so when Alexis asked me to come back with him to Nice for Christmas I made the crazy decision to sell everything I could again and set out on my original plan of being a full time wanderer again. It was always the intention of course - I iust never expected it to be with someone I would fall stupidly in love with and so soon, but life has a weird way of delivering the very best when you least expect it. 

So the apartment is gone, my stuff is gone and I'm now in London.


The music here sucks, the people are awesome, the party so-so. I guess not everything can be perfect but as I look accross the room at the guy I felt so confident to just drop everything and leave with time and time again on all these crazy adventures I don't think Iv ever experienced anything that feels as close to perfect as this.... 

No idea where to next, no idea what will even happen tomorrow. In a perfect world. 

 (These shots were very cheekily taken by my amazing friend Christopher while he so kindly allowed us to stay in his home when we first arrived in London. A gorgeous little 2 bedroom in Kings Cross with the most magical little patio (although we won't mention the unfortunate events that happened there during our stay 😂) Thank you Christopher for everything like delivery cheese to us at 9:30pm like if we had more people like you in the world I'm confident we would probably have less conflict on this planet)