I wanted to shoot my favourite face in Peyote Labels again before I left Australia so I contacted Lisa to meet me in Kings Cross on my way to the airport. My boyfriend somehow convinced me I need a backpacking bag in my life so I could wander in exotic places on my trip so here I was with a bag in tow that is almost larger then me on my back and my camera in my hands, Lisa is looking at me like iv lost my mind by the time I meet her at the gate.

The servo was only a five minute stroll up the road but honestly it felt like decades, the more we walked the more it dawned on me how much of a major fuck up I had made investing into my own strength with this giant fucking turtles shell attached to me and not just rolling my bag along the ground like any normal sane person. That was two months ago now, dont think my mindset has changed at all about the situation - everytime I carry it I die.......

Photographer: Me (Peyote) 

Model: Lisa Stella

Styling: All clothing from Peyote Labels & Peyote Trip